Tooth Whitenning

Specialists in the aesthetics of the smile in Nantes, the dentists of the Dental Clinic Senage, explain the whitening and the dental facets.


It allows to lighten the tint of his teeth safely, it is a dental brightening!

The coloration of the teeth is influenced by different elements:

  - the inheritance and age of your teeth.
  - taking certain medications during the period of tooth formation.
  - lifestyle: consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine ...

Before starting your dental lightening treatment, the doctor will establish your oral assessment and check the absence of contraindications to the treatment: caries, periodontal diseases ...

Two types of session can be realized with the choice:
A single session in the dental office thanks to the Zoom System


This is the fastest technique that lasts an hour in the office, thanks to the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​system followed by 3 to 10 days of gutters at home.



Several sessions at home for 15 days renewable if necessary:

Your doctor takes a print of your mouth and makes your transparent dental lightening troughs.
You insert the lightening gel into the gutter, and carry it for the time defined by the doctor.

The results of dental lightening can be kept longer or shorter depending on your lifestyle.

In general, an annual reminder of a few days, with the gutter at home, allows to maintain this result much longer.

Dental sensitivity:

While 99% of our patients experience little or no sensitivity with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, tooth sensitivity is a potential risk with all dental brightening treatments.

It will therefore be necessary to use a toothpaste sensitive teeth in the weeks following your dental lightening and follow the instructions of your doctor.