Dental Veeners

Doctors François Senage and Pierre Senage, dentists in Nantes (44000) present the dental facets.

The facets are ceramic facades that are stuck on your teeth WITHOUT preparation (facets Lumineers) or WITH preparation of your teeth (facets classic)

Smile Holywoodien with Lumineers® Facets

The Lumineers, like contact lenses, are laid without cutting their teeth.

Crested and stained teeth to brightness and whiteness...

Tinted teeth to brightness and whiteness...

from a crown aged to a revitalized tooth...

from a diasteme to a new smile...

This technique allows a clear improvement of the cosmetics of your smile

 - whitening the color of your teeth when the dental lightening is not enough.
 - by changing the shape of your teeth if you do not want orthodontic treatment.

The realization of your new custom-made smile will be done in 3 appointments.

  • 1st appointment: a feasibility study and estimate
  • 2nd meeting: preparation and imprint of your mouth
  • 3 rd appointment: pose your facets and realization of your new smile

Classical facets:

Unlike LUMINEERS, it will cut your teeth to make the necessary place for the ceramic film of the facet.